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Skylanders : Pearl by WeirdHyena Skylanders : Pearl by WeirdHyena
I honestly thought I had posted Pearl up on here months ago. I really, really did. Oh well, original posting of her here! >>… <<

Name : Pearl
Species : Octogon, Octopus/Sea Dragon
Gender : Female
Element : Water
Role : Skylander
Homeworld : The Docks by the Sea (Wash Buckler's Ship)

Background : 
Biography : Wash Buckler found himself growing lonely as the years wore on, and he had yet found himself a partner. All of the other Skylanders had already started their families, all but Wash. He did have feelings for a certain woman, but she ended up leaving him for another. So, finally fed up with being alone, Wash Buckler led his crew on a journey to find Poseidon. It was a difficult adventure, full of sea monsters, undead pirates, and sirens, but he eventually made his way into the sea’s depths and stood before the angry god of the sea. Impressed by his bravery and skill, Poseidon granted Wash Buckler’s wish and gave him a small, blue egg. Wash Buckler was confused, as he had asked for a partner to brighten his life, but trusted Poseidon’s gift and left with the egg. 

A few months passed when the egg hatched, revealing an octopus like sea dragon. Wash Buckler was overjoyed, and has since raised his daughter among the roughness of pirates and the seas alike. Turns out, Wash didn't need a partner to be happy; he found happiness taking on the seas with his rambunctious Pearl.

Personality : Pearl is a rough and tough daughter of a pirate, and adventurous to boot! She knows the in and outs of a ship, and can be seen swinging from the sails by her tails. She never shows fear, and is often the first to offer help to others on tough adventures. She’s spunky and wild, sometimes even abrasively so, but she tries to get along with everybody. Pearl hates evil with a passion, as most Skylanders do! Pearl one day dreams to beat the stereotype that woman can’t be a captain on a pirate ship by having her own ship, just like Wash Buckler.

Appearance : Pearl is a mix of an octopus and a sea dragon. She has tentacle like hair and three large tentacles for tails. While some think she has wings, they’re actually just fins that she uses to aide her speed on both land and sea. She can seem a bit awkward on land, having a waddle to her step, but in the water she’s graceful and quick. Pearl’s hind legs are slightly deformed, as they are far smaller than legs should be. She often covers them up with her tentacles, and tucks them away while swimming. Pearl also has no teeth but can have a nasty bite if she uses her steam water attack!

Attacks : Pearl is fast and slippery, often using her fins to help her dodge attacks. Her toes excrete ink, and she can breathe a jet of steaming water and bubbles as well. The most lethal attack of hers, however, is the three swords she wields with her tails. Growing up, Pearl trained with many of the other Skylanders to hone her swordsmanship, including Wash Buckler and Chop Chop. 


Originally made as a 'what if' kid between Wash Buckler and the Queen (since even to this day Wash Buckler is my favorite Skylander, him and Pop Thorn xD), I ended up REALLY liking the design. A7XSparx and blackrosses helped me out BIG time with her design with their input, and Liz helped in her colors scheme. She does wear clothes, I just never got around to designing them D: I'M SORRY PEARL GO HAVE FUN RUNNING AROUND NAKED I GUESS

~Weird Hyenas

Pearl(c) - WeirdHyena
Wash Buckler & Skylanders(c) - Activision
Please do not copy, trace, edit/ manipulate this image, use as an icon/banner/id, repost or claim as your own. Thank you!

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MotownWarrior01 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
She's so cute!
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very cute :)
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She's a cute multitailed dragon...
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She looks so wonderful! :D I love that you paired an adorable design with a tough personality. We don't see that often enough! :)
LugiaDefender Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Amazing!!! =D
Za-purple-DERP Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
you know she looks a lot like echo the new skylander if echo is a girl I'm shipping wash buckler and echo XD
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